Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Pitching at the Right Level"

and to the right audience...THIS is what I am learning bigtime this year...and suddenly social relations are much less of a minefield...a few too many recurring frustrations and an evolved objective party was able to interpret the evidence to give me the salve to my pain...basically, there are certain things you do NOT have to share...just because you get so excited about various enlightenments and you think they are important blissful revelations of wisdom to be shared...doesn't mean that they will able to be understood and interpreted to be of any value by others who have not reached a certain level of understanding...

So yes there is a reason I keep a wide selection of company...to cater to all my different interests etc...pitching different things to different people...and sometimes...I have gotten smart and don't even bother to expend the energy and I just say "I can't explain it to you- you will learn in your own time-everyone's journey is unique and individual"...actually that is what I say to my mum a lot now ironically...and she is fine with it ;)

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